• I left the cold casino style corporate gyms for the warm and inviting personal feel of Urban Fit. The gyms space creates an environment in which I can easily concentrate all of my efforts with the help of the amazing staff. Scott
  • As a Midtown resident and business owner I find a great satisfaction in supporting local independent establishments. Midtown Urban Fitness is conveniently located on J Street. Close enough to NOT hop on the freeway or fight traffic. The owners are always there and provide excellent tips and they offer personal training sessions without a contract. It is like a family… You see the same great faces and build friendships with awesome Midtowners. It is clean, friendly, and REAL. I love it! Brandy
  • Easily the finest place to stay in shape-indeed grow stronger-in Sacramento(or maybe anywhere). Julie and Darnell are terrific-smart, wise, professional-and extremely good company. Ive been going to Urban fitness several times a week for over 6 years and, indeed, look forward to my early morning workouts (the first time in a long life I can say that with complete honesty). I recommend Urban Fitness most highly, It is an invaluable asset to Midtown-indeed to all of Sacramento and environs. Stephanie
  • Urban Fitness, 2525 J street in Midtown Sacramento is a small, unique and very comfortable gym. I am a 68 year old, overweight grandmother who is trying hard not to be a couch potato. I was made to feel welcome and accepted for who I am, not pushed to be someone I am not. While exercising at this gym, I have met people from all walks of life, all ages, young, “not so young”, and some with hair, whiter than mine, with many different goals. We are all treated with respect by the two owners, Julie and Darnell. Regardless of your needs, ambitions, or objectives, whether you want “one on one” classes or you want to follow your own exercise routine, my experience has been one of encouragement, moral support and sincere caring at this gym. P.K.
  • I am so glad I discovered Urban Fitness. Trainers Owners Julie and Darnell are knowledgeable, informative and fun. I have met all kinds of people at the gym and appreciate how sensitive Julie and Darnell are to the needs of their diverse clients. I joined the gym because I have a rare balance disorder and didn’t know what to do about it. Julie not only had heard of it, but had great ideas for exercises that would help. Thanks to her, I am back riding my bike. Urban Fitness is definitely one of Midtown’s gems. Dale
  • I like working with Darnell. She makes my workouts fun. Adam