Darnell Fray-Stephenson


Darnell Fray-Stephenson is certified Personal trainer with an advanced strength training certification and has more than 20 years of experience. She graduated from IET as a nutrition educator and has a wealth of experience in nutritional guidance. In addition she practices level I yogafit and also TRX qualified. She has completed numerous hours of continuing education units and workshops in the health and fitness related fields and has completed a Health Coach Certification. Darnell has taken workshops in corrective exercise and her experience includes breast cancer recovery and fitness. In addition she specializes in understanding and promoting health and fitness in the LGBT community.

Darnell is dedicated to helping others become knowledgeable, motivated, and capable of achieving and maintaining their fitness and health goals as a lifelong pursuit. It is her belief that when you exercise regularly and have an active lifestyle you make and investment in yourself that will positively effect all aspects of you life. Fitness is a lifelong commitment, therefore those who seek health must commit.